Portocheli (also Porto Cheli) is a summer resort town in the municipality of Ermionida in the southeastern part of Argolis, Greece. It is situated on a bay of the Argolic Gulf, 6 km south of Kranidi, 80 km southeast of Nafplio, 16 km from Ermioni and 30 min from Ydra. The beautiful island of Spetses also is located 5 km south of Portocheli by taking Costa’s boat. There are ferry connections from Portocheli to the islands of Hydra and Poros, and to Ermioni and Piraeus. Porto-Heli-agnee-1

“There is a small private airport, Porto Cheli Airport, south of the town”

The ancient city of Halieis (named Halike by Pausanias who had made a mention as a deserted city of “Alice“), excavated by Michael H. Jameson and is situated near Portocheli.

Halieis (town of fishermen), founded in the mid fifth century BC and destroyed 250 years later.f0609669

To visit it, however, you will need to love adventure, since the ruins are currently covered by shallow waters. On the frequent sunny days, the crystal clear waters will allow you to admire the ruins of the ancient town.

But if you really want to get familiar with them, you will have to acquire diving equipment and swim among the remains of history. Luckily there are various companies in Porto Heli that can help you experience something unique such as the underwater ruins.n2

Porto Heli can also become your base of operations for other important ancient monuments in the area. Troizina and Epidaurus only 55 km far away, for instance, are two locations that will take you back in history and definetely must visit.